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    proscribe - Dictionary definition and meaning for word proscribe

    (verb) command against
    Synonyms : disallow , forbid , interdict , nix , prohibit , veto
    Example Sentence
    • I forbid you to call me late at night
    • Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store
    • Dad nixed our plans
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for proscribe

When you want a magazine, you PREscribe(subscribe) it. Similarly when you want to stop it, you will have to PROSCRIBE. SO PROSCRIBE = prohibit

A doctor Prescribes medicines and Proscribes unhealthy food...

it can be written like this pro means before + scribe means to write .SO A WRITER WHOSE WRITING ARE PROHIBITED TO BE PUBLISHED in that country.

Anyone know Salman Rushdie? (PRO)secute the (SCRIBE) if he writes derogatory remarks about Islam. derogatory

always getting confused b/w proscribe and tanscribe so lets end it here and now. TRANS is through/accross hence transcribe is to copy through some magazine, whereas proscribe is banning of noobs into game of cs by pros

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opposite of prescribe

when we suggest something i.e. we support something its PRESCRIBE and when we oppose something not good, its PROSCRIBE

the book prescribed for us has been PROSCRIBED in america

Prosecutor Bribe=proscribe;so bribing a prosecutor is forbidden

subscribe=offer to do something,proscribe =banish ,forbid to do

Selling drugs without prescription is proscribed!

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