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    interdict - Dictionary definition and meaning for word interdict

    (noun) an ecclesiastical censure by the Roman Catholic Church withdrawing certain sacraments and Christian burial from a person or all persons in a particular district Definition
    (noun) a court order prohibiting a party from doing a certain activity
    Synonyms : interdiction
    (verb) destroy by firepower, such as an enemy's line of communication Definition
    (verb) command against
    Synonyms : disallow , forbid , nix , prohibit , proscribe , veto
    Example Sentence
    • I forbid you to call me late at night
    • Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store
    • Dad nixed our plans
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for interdict

INTER(between) + DICT(speak) = when you speak in between, you PROHIBIT someone else from speaking.

Your INtER (inner) DICt (dick) prohibits or forbids you from being nice.

Inter = bury + dict = command. When you bury somebody's command you prohibit to follow

Inter+dict: INTERcast contraDICTION or confLICT should be prohibitted or disallowed

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inter(inside) + dict(dick) >>> she prohibited him from entering his dick inside her...(bad but easy to remember)

sounds like intercept - to keep the ball from the other team BAN then from scoring.

when Inter milan faced barcelona they played like dicks. they dint give possession of ball to them. they interdicted them of ball possession

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