prim - Dictionary definition and meaning for word prim

(verb) assume a prim appearance
Example Sentence
  • They mince and prim
(verb) contract one's lips
Example Sentence
  • She primmed her lips after every bite of food
(verb) dress primly
Synonyms : prim out , prim up
(adj) affectedly dainty or refined
Synonyms : dainty , mincing , niminy-piminy , twee
(adj) exaggeratedly proper
Example Sentence
  • my straitlaced Aunt Anna doesn't approve of my miniskirts

Memory aid to help you memorize this

In order to be very precise and formal with my speech.., I had to trim all my stories. (Prim - Trim)
19        1
if you're going to a PROM you better dress PRIM
11        1
prime minister should always dress primly
8        0
prim -very "precise" and "methodical" (formal) Primary agenda of meeting has to be prim
2        2
0        0
prim = p(position) + rim (rev=speed up); due to position in post speed up i.e increase he got the permission to wear coat at office i.e he should be dressed neatly.
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