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mincing - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mincing

(adj) affectedly dainty or refined
Synonyms : dainty , niminy-piminy , prim , twee

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mincing

mincing cud be minimum thing which means to cut into small pieces
12       25

by sumitkundu

Mincing can be broken into Men + Seeing ...means when girls get aware that men are watching them, they show artificial behaviour in talk or speech(i.e AFFECTEDLY NICE or ELEGANT IN SPEECH,WALK or BEHAVIOUR)
5       0

by KSahoo

mini singh walk affectedly has his hair was cut off (hence the name mini)
2       11

by friendofafriend

Just like "mince meat" means meat cut into small pieces. Mincing means taking small steps. So the keyword here is "small (whatever)"
2       5

by mohanster

mincing sounds a bit like mixing..,so cut into small pieces..
1       6

by tejaswi.007

mincing sounds lyk MISS MIN SINGH...n shes got a refined taste
1       7

by bebo

mint+ing. mint, which refreshes ourselve & give a elegant attitude.
1       0

by protik77

Every girl after watching Singh is King said:: "That SINGH(Akshay) is MINE because hi is so mincing (refined) (Thus MINCING = Mine + Singh)
0       4

by mit006

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