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    mincing - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mincing

    (adj) affectedly dainty or refined
    Synonyms : dainty , niminy-piminy , prim , twee
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mincing

mincing cud be minimum thing which means to cut into small pieces

Mincing can be broken into Men + Seeing ...means when girls get aware that men are watching them, they show artificial behaviour in talk or speech(i.e AFFECTEDLY NICE or ELEGANT IN SPEECH,WALK or BEHAVIOUR)

mini singh walk affectedly has his hair was cut off (hence the name mini)

Just like "mince meat" means meat cut into small pieces. Mincing means taking small steps. So the keyword here is "small (whatever)"

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mincing sounds a bit like mixing..,so cut into small pieces..

mincing sounds lyk MISS MIN SINGH...n shes got a refined taste

mint+ing. mint, which refreshes ourselve & give a elegant attitude.

Every girl after watching Singh is King said:: "That SINGH(Akshay) is MINE because hi is so mincing (refined) (Thus MINCING = Mine + Singh)

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