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    precept - Dictionary definition and meaning for word precept

    (noun) rule of personal conduct
    Synonyms : principle
    (noun) a doctrine that is taught
    Synonyms : commandment , teaching
    Example Sentence
    • the teachings of religion
    • he believed all the Christian precepts
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for precept

its a rule to PRE SET(cept)the oven before cokking

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precept sounds like "recipe" which is a guideline for cooking.

pRECEPT-RECEPT-RECEPTORS- how receptors work- according to some practical rules which guide there conduct/behaviour

PREvious + acCEPT. So, PRECEPT means something ACCEPTED since the past..... (a maxim)

when u buy something always take the recept, this ia a practical rule guiding conduct

Combination of principle and recipe.

7 rules for marriage, like 7 steps. Sept = 7. Pre = before. Before getting married read the rules as it would be tough after marriage. So pre-sept = precept.

sonds like concept

Precept --> Prefect : he sets a set of rules and a code of conduct that must be followed

pre+cept== a PRE acCEPTed rule, so a general rule

Receipt. A receipt is a precept(a law).

PREists acCEPTed - as in guidelines of conduct hence the meaning

receipt is given by d shopkeeper and precept is given by you to him telling wat has to be done i.e. rules wit conduct guidelines..

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