plebeian - Dictionary definition and meaning for word plebeian

(noun) one of the common people
Synonyms : pleb
(adj) of or associated with the great masses of people
Synonyms : common , unwashed , vulgar
Example Sentence
  • the common people in those days suffered greatly
  • behavior that branded him as common
  • his square plebeian nose
  • a vulgar and objectionable person
  • the unwashed masses

Memory aid to help you memorize this

sounds like pebble which are found every where and are very common
46        6
plebeian - sounds like play with lesbian which is very vulgar
42        44
basically this word is taken from plebs...which were the common people in ancient rome.
17        2
Playboy.. A common vulgar magazine.
7        2
we can also link it with american millitary where the freshman is known as pleb..because fresher are generally bad dressers and unsocial.
1        5
People in LEBANON are lesbians; LEbanon contains all common people doing vulgar things..
1        6
plebeian - sounds like pedestrian, almost all pedestrians are common people
1        3
divide this like P(here it stands for people)+lebeian..sounds like Lebanon in south west asia & economy of this country is in disatrous state due to civil people of this country are not rich -only middle class people&they are commen people.
0        8

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