plaintive - Dictionary definition and meaning for word plaintive

(adj) expressing sorrow
Synonyms : mournful

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Plaintive can be split into plain(plane)+tive(relative). Suppose a relative dies in a plane crash, we mourn. Thus plaintive = mourn. Sorry for the sadistic mnemonic.
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lol its so easy wtf plaintive = remove L pain + tive = mournful
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plain means to complain. one who always complain is sorrowful,mournful
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plain+tv(black and white)==sad....
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The PLAINTIff, in a court case, has been injured by the defendant and is feeling PLAINTIVE.
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PLAINTIVE= PONTIFF..Roman catholic pope who generally attend in a funeral(mournful) ceremony
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pLAintive= LAment, PlaINTIVE=laMENT
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Very Plain tips. The waiter is in sorrow.
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