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pejorative - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pejorative

(adj) expressing disapproval
Synonyms : dislogistic , dyslogistic
Example Sentence
  • dyslogistic terms like `nitwit' and `scalawag'

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pejorative

Pejorative = Pig + Orative, a pig will certainly have bad connotations
22       4

by subhasish

Owner of a Mitsubishi PAJERO belittles everyone on the road.
20       1

by shashankraj00

Pejorative meaning is to disparage or belittle; of negative connotation : Relate to Pejor (means to hate in latin)
19       21

by wsquare

"majority" wala group doosre group ka effect khatam kar deta hai...causing a belittling effect..
13       23

by studyabroad.us

pee + orative... u make some one feel like shit by being orative about his dick
6       13

by kmr.akhil

People call Bajarba ivanoda only when they consider him of little value
4       10

by aravindhbaskaran

To disapprove something jore pe jore lagao(Hindi)
3       7

by ksameer_coep

its like pejor is opposite to cajole so wen cajole is to flatter some one pejore is to hate or loathe some one
2       2

by vivekkarumudi

peevish+"jorse orative",a person who is peevish doent approve a thing,a nd orative in nature is derived from a root called orator means speaker
1       12

by anudeep meka

PE+JORative...is word pe jor dena padega coz this word has become depreciatory....
1       1

by nileshdive

Nobody has the prerogative ( basic right ) to use pejorative (/ criticizing ) words against anybody other...
1       1

by enigmatic_lucifer

If you have a PIG JURY, things don't look too good for you, brother.
1       1

by Jackery

word prepare
0       4

by pravesh

if a jury declares a man guilty they are showing dissaproval towards whatever h did
0       2

by friendofafriend

A Hero in a Pajero, when drives past you has a "belittling effect"
0       2

by BloodyMickey

In Punjabi..PE JOR tay kar dayy disapprove
0       1

by am61

PJ + Orative ... one who always ortaes a PJ will have an belittling effect from others.
0       0

by rahulkrish85

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