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    pejorative - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pejorative

    (adj) expressing disapproval
    Synonyms : dislogistic , dyslogistic
    Example Sentence
    • dyslogistic terms like `nitwit' and `scalawag'
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pejorative

Pejorative = Pig + Orative, a pig will certainly have bad connotations

Owner of a Mitsubishi PAJERO belittles everyone on the road.

Pejorative meaning is to disparage or belittle; of negative connotation : Relate to Pejor (means to hate in latin)

"majority" wala group doosre group ka effect khatam kar deta hai...causing a belittling effect..

pee + orative... u make some one feel like shit by being orative about his dick

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People call Bajarba ivanoda only when they consider him of little value

To disapprove something jore pe jore lagao(Hindi)

its like pejor is opposite to cajole so wen cajole is to flatter some one pejore is to hate or loathe some one

peevish+"jorse orative",a person who is peevish doent approve a thing,a nd orative in nature is derived from a root called orator means speaker

PE+JORative...is word pe jor dena padega coz this word has become depreciatory....

Nobody has the prerogative ( basic right ) to use pejorative (/ criticizing ) words against anybody other...

If you have a PIG JURY, things don't look too good for you, brother.

if a jury declares a man guilty they are showing dissaproval towards whatever h did

A Hero in a Pajero, when drives past you has a "belittling effect"

word prepare

In Punjabi..PE JOR tay kar dayy disapprove

PJ + Orative ... one who always ortaes a PJ will have an belittling effect from others.

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