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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parsimony

parsi-purse,,,mony-money....one who will not take money from his purse - a greedy person.....

this mnemonic requires understanding of hindi..parsi(parsii..a kind of community) mony sound like "money" now imagine a parsii man who has got lot of money but still he is frugal..he doesnt want to spend...so he is parsimonious .

parsimoney means "purse mein money".... miser always have money in purse which he does not take out.

sparse + money = one who takes money rarely.

parsimony: partial money - spends money very partially or scarcely

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Parsi =Purse Seal,mony=money,so a purse with money but sealed,why bcuz unwilling to spend money


parsimony:parse+money: parsing the money again and again means counting/looking/thinking again and again would be usually a stingy guy.

parsi oldman having money

a cynic person acts like a sink , he just want to see dirty things

imagin sm1 whose purse has been stealed,so he will take very good care in spending the small money he had

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