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    odium - Dictionary definition and meaning for word odium

    (noun) state of disgrace resulting from detestable behavior Definition
    (noun) hate coupled with disgust
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for odium

ODIUM rhymes with PODIUM. Podium means stage and I have a stage fear and therefore I detest going on the stage.

odium sounds very close to podium(a stage type of thing)-well standing on podium when politician delivers speech against their opponents ..it fills us with odium.

if we take "opium" people will hate us and look at us with disgust

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od+i+u +(m)...i dislike you as you as your thoughts are very odd.

we say "odi-yamma" in hatred...!!!

odium sounds lyk odion theatre in hyderabd...afta the bomb blast in dat theatre its reputation has been lost hence disrepute

Odium, sounds like "Odu". In tamil language "Odu" means "Run". So we run away from things we detest

odi( ran in tamil) um(lovers) are arousing strong dislike; hateful by parents

bad odor from a person will make u hate him and be disgusted by the smell

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