occlude - Dictionary definition and meaning for word occlude

(verb) block passage through
Synonyms : block , close up , impede , jam , obstruct , obturate
Example Sentence
  • obstruct the path

Memory aid to help you memorize this

when you include someone they are welcome and the gates are always open but when you OCCLUDE(rhymes with EXCLUDE), they are unwelcome and hence the gates are SHUT or CLOSED on them.
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Occlude - sounds like conclude. Means close or shut something...
28        6
Harry Potter fans may remember occlumency which is the subject that helps to close one's mind.
9        2
clude originates from claudere.. which means close..
5        4
occlude which is opposite of include.
1        1
exclude the forms bcoz we r colsed
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Make a chain like this Include::Exclude::Occlude
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you conclude when you occlude - shut or close something
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