Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obviate

obviate - viate sounds like deviate, deviate yourself from studying(happen something)....

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ob+viate .. viate can be rhymed with void.. and making void means removing something.. hence getting rid of..

if it is obvious you can obviate it easily (you can prevent it), obvious and obviate sound similar

obviate = ob-'prevent' + viate 'via [=way]' prevent the way ~ we don't go that way

OBVIously i ATE poison bcoz i wanted to GET RID OF my life..!!!!!!............:D

Obviate : A-void-it

Relate it with "obvious"...

ob = obese ate = eat obese person avoids to eat

ob+viate(sounds like violate) which means get rid off something.

obviate sounds like obliviate spell in harry potter which is used to remove the memory of someone so get rid of

ob+vi+ate--- if we are OBese(fat) then VI(we) should be OB(against) ATE(eating), i.e., we should PREVENT AND AVOID eating too much

obviate=obvious+ate a necessary thing is obvious and to eat it makes it unnecessary

obviate sounds like ob (ab - now ) violate thus avoid

Dont go to iOB bank it is not safe for money transfer avoid it.

OOhhh..Deviate ..and prevent it from happening

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