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    obstreperous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word obstreperous

    (adj) noisily and stubbornly defiant
    Example Sentence
    • obstreperous boys
    (adj) boisterously and noisily aggressive
    Example Sentence
    • kept up an obstreperous clamor
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obstreperous

the word can be broken into ob+STREET+PERU..streets in peru are very noisy because of traffic.

obstetrician is the one who deliver babies...obstreperous sounds like obste+pair ous so pairing all those obstreticians and delivering the babies all at a time then all the babies after deliever they make a lot of noise....

OBSTRE- word is used for small babies in obstretrician. Small babies are very noisy and bossy(they want things done their way).

strepsil (medicine) cures uncontrolled sore throat or blocked nose

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read as 'ob(obviously)+ stereo(stre)+ per(perous) songs sunege ' so it causes noise

ob( oppose) + streper ( stripper) + ous (us-our). = ppl opposed to have strippers as their neighbors by making noisy protest.

obstreperous=obviously strep(sils)removes kich kich...i.e boisterous

Ob(out )+stre(stream)+perous(pore)---give loud noise as it gushes out..

AP+STRIP erous....when u strip, the crowd turns obstreperous

ob+stre+perous obscenely putting on the stereo high which is porous to ears

abe strip karege thn ppl ll roar.make noise

obst(inate) + reper(rapper) is quite noisy and stubbornly defiant

Ma kan mod degi if you disobey

lassitude is an "attitude" which forces us to drink "LASSI".

obs(absolute)+tre(tree)+perous(peru tree)...monkey have climbed the peru tree...its boisterous and noisy

Obstreperous - when you're trespassing you need to be very silent and not boisterous

obstreperous = ob + strep + per +o +us; reversely strip per on us i.e we are going to make more noise for this teachers are doing this to us..

of + strapper + ous ---> Unfortunately the people with psychological disorder are sometimes bound with straps. And they are sometimes very noisy too. :(

noisy and uncontrollable when yu go steeper in mountain or hight

ob-STREP(sils) orous we take strepsils when ve have a noisy cough that is difficult to control

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