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    obsidian - Dictionary definition and meaning for word obsidian

    (noun) acid or granitic glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava without crystallization; usually dark, but transparent in thin pieces
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obsidian

obsi(obese)+indian(are dark color):so fat indian looks like black volcanic rock

it can be split into ob(blade like)+sea(which contains valconic mountains in) +indian(black in color). implies black valcanic rock.

OBSessive DravIDIAN architects built grand temples of black volcanic rock across south india.

sid means sidharth means gautam budh and he calm people having black rock heart

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sounds like oblivion. may be related to as "an obsidian (black volcanic rock) from oblivion"

ob(absolute)+se+dian(disdain implies black)...so absolutely black volcanic rocks

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