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    syllogism - Dictionary definition and meaning for word syllogism

    (noun) deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises
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Change the "s" to "c" and you'll find the word "logic."

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Syllogism = S(a)y + log(ic) + sm(short for StateMent) Hence, it is -> say your logic based on the 2 given statements or premises. To further remember the meaning, for those who are preparing for CAT, Syllogism is a question type.

Syllogism has another meaning too i.e. deceptive, spurious, specious...so... Silly Logic.... Any Silly Logic or Syllogism is always specious...

Syllogism; logical reasoning from two (2 L) sources

split the word as Syl+logism Syl reminds us of the notorious character of SYLAR in HEROES. so syl+logic=bad logic=specious

it seems like SILLY LOGIC

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