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    nebulous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word nebulous

    (adj) lacking definite form or limits
    Synonyms : cloudy , nebulose
    Example Sentence
    • gropes among cloudy issues toward a feeble conclusion
    • nebulous distinction between pride and conceit
    (adj) of or relating to or resembling a nebula
    Synonyms : nebular
    Example Sentence
    • the nebular hypothesis of the origin of the solar system
    (adj) lacking definition or definite content
    Synonyms : unfixed
    Example Sentence
    • nebulous reasons
    • unfixed as were her general notions of what men ought to be
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for nebulous

Nebula the milky way in galaxy which is cloudy and unclear

nebulous comes from nibu(lemon). Nimbu water is hazy so v can correlate

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"nee+bulla+us (nacked)which is shown with a cloudy patch in the movies so u can remember like this" -cloudy,unclear

nimbu ras in your eyes makes your vision hazy

a new bulls running in sand and make a dusty cloudy.

like 'nebulizer' which makes a cloudy mist

imagine nevy blue colour comes in front of ur eyer so nothing is clear to u.

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