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    mottled - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mottled

    (adj) having spots or patches of color
    Synonyms : dappled
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mottled

MOTE( a speck/spot) + LED = SPOTT + ED

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sometimes BOTTLED water has "patches of color"

mottled=bottled.....all the colours have been bottled in this bottle...u have to just make a hole in its bottle cap and spray it on the wall.....THATS SPRAY PAINTING......:D

sounds like molded with different patches of molds

motted sound like spotted

Motte in kannada means Egg. Egg os sparrow has many black patches on it.

Motte mean EGG in kannada. Egg of sparro has many black patches on it.

mote + LED >>> when we see LED's in a lighting over a house, it looks as if the house has colored spots of the color of LED's..

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