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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mete

meter is a measure..(think of some device to measure lenth and having a line on it on it's boundary)

mete sounds close to meetha ( sweets) which are usually distributed for any occassion..!! SO to remember distribute we can think of mete as mithaai..!!

METE rhymes with meat..meat is never given jus ladat..its always MEASURED and DISTRIBUTED

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sounds like MEAT....imagine a restaurant in which they have two compartments separated by a red line(boundary)....dividing vegetarian and non-vegetarian people

mete means to distribute or allot, ~ meat = father distributing a piece of meat to his kids after a decent hunt

it looks silly but easy to remember.think of chess when one opponent MATE the other opponent his the game finish.now the king will get punishment and suffer.

when some case is ADMINISTERED in ur favor then u DISTRIBUTE meetha- some girls eat MEASURED amount due to diet

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