Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for rife

rife is like wife...which is common one hence ABUNDANT and PLENTIFUL.

rife==> rifle which has abundant bullets

rife can be taken as rifle which needs abundant courage to handle it.

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rife~ interchange the position of 'e' n 'i'. refi = mohammad rafi(gr8 musician) has a WIDESPREAD popularity here, with ABUNDANT fan following and the CURRENT generation loves him too!

Life: Life is abundant in the universe.

when two friends are in a RIFT, they don't talk. when they are in a RIFE... there is "abundance" of talk

Repeated Wife.U don't need repeated wife hence abundant

sounds like rice..which is in abundance in every part of the world.

having rife(exessively abundant) wives is illegal

rife is close to strife. We see wide-spread strifes currently.

In Lalu land, rifle use was rife, causing great strife to people.

rife: w(r)ife have abundant things to tell their husbands

rife = abundant wife = wrong rife(not abudant) :D

Word used in video below:
text: you realize that scene was rife with
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