mendacious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mendacious

(adj) given to lying
Example Sentence
  • a mendacious child
(adj) intentionally untrue
Example Sentence
  • a mendacious statement

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mendacious = requiring mending (correction)
57        10
A mendicant (beggar) is usually a mendacious person. i.e. given to lying; habitually dishonest.
25        5
mendacious= men + audacious. men who are audacious can LIE easily.
13        1
all men are liars
8        13
Sanskrit where the word mindā means a kind of physical defect .........SO A MENDACIOUS PERSON ALWAYS MAKE FAULTS...he lies....beggars are mendacios..because they are dishonest ..and cheaters..
4        10
Mendacious - Men are dying for women... so they c an do anything to get her including lying....
3        2
mendacious....look for the word menda..means fault; similar to Latin word mendax which means lying,and word mendicus means beggar, and perhaps we can also relate to this the mother of all langueges Sanskrit where the word mindā means a kind of p
2        5
MEN+DACIOUS(mosquito) are dacious(mosquito like)....this statement is false
1        4
mendacious= men+date+suck. Dating men is suck; they are a bunch of liars.
1        3

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