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    mercenary - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mercenary

    (noun) a person hired to fight for another country than their own
    Synonyms : soldier of fortune
    (adj) marked by materialism Definition
    (adj) serving for wages in a foreign army
    Synonyms : free-lance , freelance
    Example Sentence
    • mercenary killers
    (adj) profit oriented
    Synonyms : mercantile , moneymaking
    Example Sentence
    • a commercial book
    • preached a mercantile and militant patriotism
    • a mercenary enterprise
    • a moneymaking business
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mercenary

merce - mercy + na - no; no mercy.He can kill anybody for money or gain

MERCENARY -> MERCHANT is related with money making person and mercenary is the person who do only for money

mark henry(wresler) is from kenya but fight in USA to make money

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dont show any MERCY to this NARI ,as she is a prostitute, a girl MOTIVATED SOLELY BY MONEY..................;)

mercenary (merce - mercy + na - no; no mercy) = Judge should now show mercy to someone who killed his father just for money.

My scenery is soo much beautiful thrfr it is profit oriented....

MERC-enary...gotta be motivated solely by money to buy a merc!

mera motive sirf money money

mere(mer) + se(ce) + nary(female in hindi)............mere se naary par koi dhyan nahi hai.....mujhe to CENT(money) par dhyan rakhna hai

mercenary = merce(mercy) + na (not) + ry(to friend); no mercy is there so america hire force from france tofight agaist Iraq.

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