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    livid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word livid

    (adj) anemic looking from illness or emotion
    Synonyms : ashen , blanched , bloodless , white
    Example Sentence
    • a face turned ashen
    • the invalid's blanched cheeks
    • tried to speak with bloodless lips
    • a face livid with shock
    • lips...livid with the hue of death
    • lips white with terror
    • a face white with rage
    (adj) (of a light) imparting a deathlike luminosity
    Example Sentence
    • livid lightning streaked the sky
    • a thousand flambeaux...turned all at once that deep gloom into a livid and preternatural day
    (adj) furiously angry
    Example Sentence
    • willful stupidity makes him absolutely livid
    (adj) discolored by coagulation of blood beneath the skin
    Synonyms : black-and-blue
    Example Sentence
    • beaten black and blue
    • livid bruises
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for livid

=LIVE+VIDEO: The officer was ENRAGED WITH ANGER when he was caught taking bribe on LIVE VIDEO

a person who LIVEs(liv) with Difficulties will look ILLNESS

livid = opposit of vivid & vivid is lively so livid is dull black grey (when someone die they turn livid.

tell ur parents i ll live-in, they ll be livid

LIVID(levy)- when u levy unnecessary taxes on commodities,the common man become enraged.

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leave(liv) it(ID) yaar... so what if you have been beaten *black and blue* by her brother... uski maa ki....

Laden with vivid bruises

Livid, LIve + (VIDow) widow \, living a widow life is importing deathlike lumisonity

LIVE+ID....if someone tells you that if you have to live, you have to show your ID, you will be extremely angry...livid

livid => liquid (character in pyar ka panchnama) always angry over one or the other thing

when ur 'loved' one lived u without a reason then obviously u become 'livid'(extremly angry):)

sounds similar to these two words viz; #live, vivid; when you see someone living in vivid color on his face obviously because he is beaten by someone or ill.

LIVID = LIve+VIDEO, In the live video, the picture was not clear, people were looking PALE

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