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    bloodless - Dictionary definition and meaning for word bloodless

    (adj) destitute of blood or apparently so
    Synonyms : exsanguine , exsanguinous
    Example Sentence
    • the bloodless carcass of my Hector sold
    (adj) free from blood or bloodshed
    Example Sentence
    • bloodless surgery
    • a bloodless coup
    (adj) without vigor or zest or energy
    Example Sentence
    • an insipid and bloodless young man
    (adj) devoid of human emotion or feeling
    Example Sentence
    • charts of bloodless economic indicators
    (adj) anemic looking from illness or emotion
    Synonyms : ashen , blanched , livid , white
    Example Sentence
    • a face turned ashen
    • the invalid's blanched cheeks
    • tried to speak with bloodless lips
    • a face livid with shock
    • lips...livid with the hue of death
    • lips white with terror
    • a face white with rage
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