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    libel - Dictionary definition and meaning for word libel

    (noun) a false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person Definition
    (noun) the written statement of a plaintiff explaining the cause of action (the defamation) and any relief he seeks Definition
    (verb) print slanderous statements against
    Example Sentence
    • The newspaper was accused of libeling him
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for libel

libel is close to label.WE always tend to LABEL people by their shortcomings, thus libel=defamatory statement

First LIE about somebody and then ring the BELL to let everyone know!

sounds like rebel. a rebel will always make defamatory statements against ppl he is rebelling against

LIe aBout a person which will ELiminate his fame (LI B EL)

in a way antonym of bible, bible contains praise sentences about GOD, while libel is act of writing defamatory sentences

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You are liable if you libel someone.

sounds rebel >>> to rebel against some one, mostly people use newspapers and write against someone..

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