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    leaden - Dictionary definition and meaning for word leaden

    (adj) darkened with overcast
    Synonyms : dull
    Example Sentence
    • a dark day
    • a dull sky
    • the sky was leaden and thick
    (adj) made heavy or weighted down with weariness
    Synonyms : weighted
    Example Sentence
    • his leaden arms
    • weighted eyelids
    (adj) made of lead
    Example Sentence
    • a leaden weight
    (adj) (of movement) slow and laborious
    Synonyms : plodding
    Example Sentence
    • leaden steps
    (adj) lacking lightness or liveliness
    Synonyms : heavy
    Example Sentence
    • heavy humor
    • a leaden conversation
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for leaden

leaden= lead + en(enable); enable the lead i.e pen bcoz due to idle state it will damage.

when we are "laden" with something, we are bound to be "leaden"

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