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    knoll - Dictionary definition and meaning for word knoll

    (noun) a small natural hill
    Synonyms : hammock , hillock , hummock , mound
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for knoll

knoll: kno(know)+ll(all).so if u know everything u will feel as u r top, ur on a hill

KNOLL= KNOT + HILL, i.e-- its like a knot on a thread.... which is like a small aberration on the thread.. implying a small hill on the land

here k is silent so read it as -- KNOting+HILL

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it can be spit into no + owl ; in hilly areas due to coldness there will be no owls there.

imagine ureself rolling from a small hillock

bangalis say nal(=tap) as knoll. imagine a bengali bala (eg bipasha basu) on a hillock fetching water in a pitcher...typical old hindi movie scene

Nalappatta murganalaye mudila. Imagine muigan on palani. Palani is a hillock.

knoll - roll - rock and roll - rock - hillrock

Knoll(Knot+Roll)- In order to roll on a round hill a knot should be tied to u

knoll = kn + roll; Karnataka has many roll in its way.

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