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    inveigle - Dictionary definition and meaning for word inveigle

    (verb) influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
    Synonyms : blarney , cajole , coax , palaver , sweet-talk , wheedle
    Example Sentence
    • He palavered her into going along
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inveigle

inveigle sounds like in veil. SO something that is concealed by a veil. Outward appearances are sometimes deceptive.

there's a damsel IN veil(VEIGLE)...in burkha may be... and u r *urging* her to have a look at her beautiful face but your actual intention is to have a look at something else (*that's your guile*)

Inveigle- envy+girl..when u envy her u think of teaching her a lesson by luring her n finaly deceiving her..

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To inveigle/cajole the beautiful girl in veil to show up her face.

A Beg-al is invei-gle when he wants some-thing from-you

INVEIGLE: Sounds like two words. INVade and GoaL (INVA-GOAL). Thus, when you Invade someone's Goals; you have Influenced or urged them to do yours/another's by deception or flattery.

sounds like "eagle"... loook at the eagle it is trying to cajole TARZAN

in way (invei) your gal (gle) tries to lead you astray to buy her a diamond necklace

inv+eigble....relate inv to invisible ...we can deceive ny one by being invisible...

I will let no stranger INto my VEhicLE while I'm having a meal. No one will inveigle my vehicle.

Inveigle sounds like Smeagol, and in LOTR, Gollum/Smeagle is somewhat of an inveigler.

inveigle the invigilator does not let you cheat

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