inured - Dictionary definition and meaning for word inured

(adj) made tough by habitual exposure
Synonyms : enured , hardened
Example Sentence
  • hardened fishermen
  • a peasant, dark, lean-faced, wind-inured
  • our successors...may be graver, more inured and equable men

Memory aid to help you memorize this

someone INJURED again and again will become TOUGH
56        6
I NU(knew) that RED iron would *harden* when it cools down and after that it would be *accustomed* to further exposures.
20        6
To become INURED you must have ENDURED.
8        5
Someone getting INjURED frequently will get HARDENED and ACCUSTOMED to pain.
4        0
mens are born INURED..
3        4
in(in) u(ur) red(red).i am used to seein u in red clothes i.e m accustomed..
2        5
Whn am In YOu (inured) its hard :P
2        6
for the definition: used to accepting something undesirable: "eating rotten food isn't bad - its all "in-ur-'ed". (Cockney English).
1        7
inured = "in" + "ur(your)" + "hard" u hav become hard/tough from inside by habitual exposure
1        3
in:inside ;ure: manure or urine; able to live inside manure,adapt to hardship
0        2
in + ur + bed >>> due to regular sex he is now has HARDENED the sill of Fucking...
0        2
if u become IMMUNE to sth u r INURED
0        2
you ENDURE getting INJURED
0        0

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