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    intractable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word intractable

    (adj) not tractable; difficult to manage or mold
    Example Sentence
    • an intractable disposition
    • intractable pain
    • the most intractable issue of our era
    • intractable metal
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for intractable

Intractable: things which can not be brought in the right track... opposite of tractable.

tract(TRACK)..SO you have decided to track about your UNRULY CHILD...and you have approached the agency to do this.

Intractable is IN(Not)+TRACT(STRETCH)+ABLE(Do)...means if something/someone is not stretchable/flexible,implies STUBBORN or UNYIELDING.

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intractable has 'tract' which reminds me of tractor in fields.. And given a tractor to drive, it would be hard for me to control...

In(not)+tractable(trackable)...it's nothing but wild (it's a synonym)..another is un-yielding..wild ones are un-yielding too..

Sounds like in-trackable= something not trackable is difficult to manage

its difficult to manage TRACTOR!!

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