inimical - Dictionary definition and meaning for word inimical

(adj) not friendly
Synonyms : unfriendly
Example Sentence
  • an unfriendly act of aggression
  • an inimical critic

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inimi=enemy, and enemies cause damage. So inimical means something damaging.
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INIMICAL ~ inimi (sounds like ENEMY) + cal; Enemies are HOSTILE and of-course UNFRIENDLY.
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amicable another GRE word meaning "FRIENDLY" and ini(NOT) aMICAbLe meaning "UNFRIENDLY" or "NOT FRIENDLY" .
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inimical reminds us of mimical.We sometimes mimic others in good humour. Inimical thus means something that shouldnt/cannot be mimicked.Unfriendly,Hostile
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etymologically speaking, Inimical consists of "In(Opposite)"+"Amicus(Friend)";hence, not friendly. Remember the word "Amigo" in Spanish language means Friend
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In+Mica, Mica the singer is unfriendly to Rakhi Sawant.
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I all him to stage but he is doing inim i.e yes or no.
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Interdict= inter (enter) + dic (dictionary) + t(turn).not entered turn in another way.
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Predilection = pre + dile _ election; i.e if u donot give previously the election will not held.
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inimical: "Enemy Kal" harmful ho sakta hai...
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