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    inexorable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word inexorable

    (adj) not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty
    Example Sentence
    • grim determination
    • grim necessity
    • Russia's final hour, it seemed, approached with inexorable certainty
    • relentless persecution
    • the stern demands of parenthood
    (adj) impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason
    Example Sentence
    • he is adamant in his refusal to change his mind
    • Cynthia was inexorable; she would have none of him
    • an intransigent conservative opposed to every liberal tendency
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inexorable

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in(not)+exhort(means to pressurize):that means a person who is inexorable cant be pressurised;he will not yield

exor is logic gate which changes. so in exorable is that cannot be changed or stopped

inexhorable sounds likein-exhaust.. so a person who never gets exhausted by torturing people.an inhuman(as he is not getting exhausted),showing inhuman traits

Exo bar advert-Cleans even the most unyielding of stains.

Sound like inflexible- inflexible ppl are inexorable

Imagine a door that is so solid you cannot break it down even by throwing you body against it, so you cannot EXIT. The door is INEXORABLE.

exorable means jo x ka o bana de.. so inexorable means who is adamant and does not yield to making x ka o

sounds like inexporeable... i.e person cant be explored even asking his again and again..

in-x-horrible:doing x(sex) with ur gf/bf continiously/relentlessly is horrible.So inexorable means relentless

INEX sounds like INXS, the music group; ORABLE sounds like horrible. INXS used to be unstoppable until the lead singer did that horrible thing and hanged himself.

inexorable=which cannot be washed with exo(barsoap for utensils) =ziddi dag=adamant

If you doN't EXeRcise you will not be ABLE-bodied and flexible

inexorable sounds like

inexitable i.e. unyielding, determined

inexorable = in + exort(urge). You can't change it. You can't stop it.

sounds like uxorial which means connecte with wife and the behaviour of wife is inexorable :P

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