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    incipient - Dictionary definition and meaning for word incipient

    (adj) only partly in existence; imperfectly formed
    Synonyms : inchoate
    Example Sentence
    • incipient civil disorder
    • an incipient tumor
    • a vague inchoate idea
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for incipient

inci(INITIAL)+pie(nt)(PAYment)...wen only d initial payment is given, ur house wil be partially constructed!!

in (inside) + sipi (shankh in its former stage) - not fully developed

IN+SIP ient....a person who drinks for the first time takes alcohol in sips coz he is a beginner....incipient

last year sapient withdrew their job offer from all the freshers. If you ask a guy where he got placed and if he answers In Sapient. Then you'll think, abhi to bachaa hai, bohot seekhne ko hai

incipent:in+cip(sip)+pie+ent.some one taking in pie as by sipping is not developed person now only getting developed.

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The Incip-ient will soon be a recip-ient because he is coming-in-to -being

a baby is IN his mother's womb SIPPING sustenance through the umbilical cord (IN - SIPPING)

in+ sip+ ient>>> a small kid start his feeding with sips of milk.. He is JUST COMING INTO BEING in this world but NOT FULLY DEVELOPED..

initial + patient = beginning.

IN+ci(SEA)+pi(PEE).when you go IN the SEA for the first time you PEE and thus BEGINS your journey of PEEING IN THE SEA.lol :)

In early stages, babies cannot cew so they are given nourishment in sips... in liquid form

incipient = inc (increment) + pie + ent; Whatever increment we have got from our job it is very little value what should we get.

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