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    inchoate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word inchoate

    (adj) only partly in existence; imperfectly formed
    Synonyms : incipient
    Example Sentence
    • incipient civil disorder
    • an incipient tumor
    • a vague inchoate idea
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inchoate

choate seems like "chote"..for example "chote bachche" means not fully grown up or in the initial stage of life.

inch(o)+ate i've "just begun" to eat an inch

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inchoate ~ in + [ch]aos + st[ate]

IN the PROCESS OF MAKING CHOcklATE,meaning a process that has jus begun

inch+ ate he ate like inch so not fully developed

in choclate age, immature, incipient

Picture a caterpillar in his cocoon. Imagine the cocoon as an over coat with a large fur collar wrapped around the caterpillar, which is IN COAT.

inch+o+ate Of a large pizza i have JUST BEGUN to --eat-- an ---inch--.

IN + choate(cacuun)like butterfly metamorphism Not inital stage/ not fully formed

focus on choate which is de short form of chocklate....the preparation of home made chocklates has "jus begun" and it is "yet to be completed"

inc (increasingly) + hoate (hot) - garmi is inc pehle itni nahi thi .. means it garmi is starting now

Chotee like the Bid Naked some is about her initial stage of marriage to her drummer Chotee

[Imagine the scene in "Harry Potter" where Harry and Cho ate together in a pub.] the INcipient relationship of Harry and CHO, who ATE together in a pub, was immature.

inchoate = inch + o + ate; It is only inch in length, why you ate it, It will grow to a large size.

the beginner was not IN COAT FOR THE MEETING

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