imponderable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word imponderable

(noun) a factor whose effects cannot be accurately assessed
Example Sentence
  • human behavior depends on many imponderables

(adj) difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision
Example Sentence
  • such imponderable human factors as aesthetic sensibility

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imponderable

IM + PONDERABLE sounds like IM + POUNDS = w/o pounds = weightless
17       7

by iamkrazee

IM means UN....... PONDER means THINK...... pondeerable-Capable of being "thought/considered/weighed........ so imponderable means..... Difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision
17       1

by pankajgoyal

imponderable=i+m+pond+erable......."OMG!I M in a pond..and i m floating like a tube as if i am cum?"....even experts CANNOT EVALUATE on this magical pond WITH PRECISION..........:)
5       0

by verbal800

split it as IM(in)+POND(ER)+ABLE....therefore IN PONDS u'll be ABLE to find fish which are WEIGHTLESS
0       3

by imajeeth

u cant calculate the natural value given by a 'pond'. so 'imponderable' is which cant be valued.
0       0

by ashish_ars

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