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    accomplice - Dictionary definition and meaning for word accomplice

    (noun) a person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan)
    Synonyms : confederate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accomplice

i alter the mnemonic given by preetisoni...Accomplice-Ac+com+plice rearrange it u ll get com(company)+ac(assume as "against")+police and it looks like company against police which is a crime..

Accompany + Lies(lice) i.e partner in some kind of crime

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accomplice ~ accompany + police; so accompany police implies helping police in reducing crime ; accomplice means opposite of this : partner in crime.

a(negative)+come+please...............a person who is always telling "come please...come please" means he is 90% trying to get ur help in a bad/illegal work.So u can remember its meaning as "partner in crime r assisting in crime"

accomplice : (accomp+ lie) the person who ACCOMPy in a LIE is a criminal so, a partner in crime

accomplice: accompany in malice.

com sounds as come ,u move with partners and plice reminds of police who r always related to crimes ,so we could take this as partner in crime

a cum(in hindi cum means 'less') police, so helping less wid police n more wid criminals...

Accomp(any)+lies(lice):-acompany someone in crime by telling lie to other.(ie patner in crime)

a+kam(less)+police.: this guy is a kam(less) police as he accompany in criminal activities

accomplice = accom+plice thief accommodate polic nd made them partner in crime

ac = to; complice:come please. Hence,"to come please" you'll be a helper - in crime.

accomp- acompany lice -telling lice.acoomapany in telling lice i.e.accomplice in doing wrong thing

a company with a lying(lice)person

a come(call) police

company to slice some one

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