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    imperil - Dictionary definition and meaning for word imperil

    (verb) pose a threat to; present a danger to
    Example Sentence
    • The pollution is endangering the crops
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imperil

IM+PERIL=PERIL sounds like PERISH...I'm goin to perish soon...which means I'm put in danger...

IMPERIL= i will remember it as when we drink IMPERIAL BLUE WHISKY,we keeps us at RISK

im(means no) peril is close to "perl",a very powerful coding language... so if we donnot use perl scripts we are putting our system in risk!

well......imperil can be seen as " in peril " which means in danger............so the meaning of the word, endanger

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Imperil : im (Not) peril read it as pil. So if you are having sex without pill there are chances of girl becoming pregnant. So you are putting her in danger

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