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    impalpable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word impalpable

    (adj) incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch
    Synonyms : intangible
    Example Sentence
    • the intangible constituent of energy
    (adj) imperceptible to the senses or the mind
    Example Sentence
    • an impalpable cloud
    • impalpable shadows
    • impalpable distinctions
    • as impalpable as a dream
    (adj) not perceptible to the touch
    Example Sentence
    • an impalpable pulse
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impalpable

impalpable->impale+able.. as per science,when u are impaled,then u really cant feel pain.(this is a fact :) )

if you throw pebble on your pal then you cannot touch him again

im-PAL-pable a PAL(very short period of time) cannot be perceived by us.

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IM(negative)+PAL+PEBBLE.. My PAL is "insensitive to the touch" of smooth PEBBLE.

im(not) pal(friend) able... its difficult to be friends with someone who is imperceptible or not understandable...

Read as Im-Pulp-Able. Remember in Pulp fiction movie Pulp is shapeless mass, so Pulp = undefined = intangible = not concrete = cant be felt physically = imperceptible.

Impalpable == IM+PAL+p+ABLE == (PAL and NTSC are 2 major DVD Player formats). So ImPALable is a DVD player for which PAL is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND

palpable means one who can easily be changed so impalpable is the opposite of it

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