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    immaculate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word immaculate

    (adj) completely neat and clean
    Example Sentence
    • the apartment was immaculate
    • in her immaculate white uniform
    • a spick-and-span kitchen
    • their spic red-visored caps
    (adj) free from stain or blemish
    Synonyms : undefiled
    (adj) without fault or error
    Synonyms : faultless , impeccable
    Example Sentence
    • faultless logic
    • speaks impeccable French
    • timing and technique were immaculate
    • an immaculate record
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for immaculate

im'mac'ulate = having no 'mark' or stain

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immaculate-> I+MAC+LATE->i mac(apples products) thought the arive late into market,they are so clean and spotless(thy are sexy rite?)

Immaculate - Im + Maculate - without macule (spots) Macule is a spot or area of discoloration of skin.... so immaculate is without macules.... spotless, clean,....

immACUlate: remember ACCUrate

Teacher asks a late comer student whois very flowless and spotless imma...(c)ku?late?

mac laptops are im'mac'ulate

i am accurate

My mother is always late because she wants to make the house immaculate

i m macho ... i am flawless

im + mac ( mark ) = without any mak or spot i.e. spotless

i m calculating using calci so my ans are flawless.....

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