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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for harrowing

harrow - sounds like sorrow and sorrow leads to agony, so........

h + arrow - if you are h(it) with an 'arrow' it would be harrowing

harrow....narrow...so a narrow minded husband could be very agonizing for u.

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harrow:narrow: A narrow minded FARMER can be agonizing for both earth and wife.

harrow sounds like narrow... a narrow death escape can be shocking and upseting...

HAR+ROING(cry)....its greatly distressing to lose and cry after losing

harrowing means digging up the earth in relation to farming.. in relation to human behaviour, its eating up and ring up agony and great pain..

haro(after u lose a game) u r harrowinh

Word used in video below:
text: to point "B" can be a harrowing experience.
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