gratuitous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word gratuitous

(adj) without cause
Example Sentence
  • a gratuitous insult
(adj) costing nothing
Synonyms : complimentary , costless , free , gratis
Example Sentence
  • complimentary tickets
  • free admission
(adj) unnecessary and unwarranted
Synonyms : needless , uncalled-for
Example Sentence
  • a strikers' tent camp...was burned with needless loss of life

Memory aid to help you memorize this

GRE tution is not necessary.It's about common sense :P
11        4
remember gratuity which is given freely to employee if they complete 5 yrs. or so in the company.
10        7
'Gratitude' is can not be measured. It is costless.
4        10
if someone tells you your graduate tuition is free, it would be uncalled for
2        6
gratitude means the quality of being thankful, graceful, .. to be gratitude is expressed free of charge, so GRATUITOUS means given or free of charge
2        1
if we have gratitude towards someone, then we do anything for them free or without great reason..
2        0
GRE tuition from mnemonic dictionary is free
1        4
Great Ass....If an ass is available for free its great
1        5

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