gratis - Dictionary definition and meaning for word gratis

(adj) costing nothing
Example Sentence
  • complimentary tickets
  • free admission
(adv) without payment
Synonyms : for free , free of charge
Example Sentence
  • I'll give you this gratis

Memory aid to help you memorize this

ex-gratia: as a favor : done by government when someone dies of train or public accident.Gratis=free but without that accident happening,just for ur gratification.Gratuity iis also free,for service provided =TIP.
11        2
g+rat+is => rat is free
9        31
gratis= grant + is , grant from govt. is free
6        0
read last three words "tis" as "tip " so tip always given freely
1        3
Great Ass....If an ass is available for free its great
1        3
in swedish language gratis also means free.
1        1
grate+this coconut then you will be free.
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