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    gamut - Dictionary definition and meaning for word gamut

    (noun) a complete extent or range:
    Example Sentence
    • a face that expressed a gamut of emotions
    (noun) the entire scale of musical notes
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gamut

Gamut=From gamma to theta ,the entire range.

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GA Mut (don't sing) because range of your vocal cords is abysmally low.

related to gau mut...Cow (gaay in hindi) + pee (mutr in hindi) contain all type of minerals

telugu gamut=ga mati means that land ie entire range

A game shop has gamut of all the games and toys.

the P.T. master told the boys " ur game ll held at the back ground. dont come to other place and play. tat area is ur RANGE" GAME AT UR RANGE

GONE GREEN and when does one go BLUE-green only after an injury....:)

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