gainsay - Dictionary definition and meaning for word gainsay

(verb) take exception to
Synonyms : challenge , dispute
Example Sentence
  • She challenged his claims

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gainsay

she has (Gain)ed weight but is not (say)ing it which means, she is denying the fact.
130       6

by sanjunsai

29       7

by bugmenot

GAINSAY~ GHANTE SEY...we say ghante sey when we want to deny GAINSAY=GHANTE SEY= DENY
15       4

by omkarkhare

to "GAIN"(say profit) you have to "SAY" something(challenge something)
6       7

by boybluffs

Those opposed to dishonest GAIN SAY it is unethical.
1       3

by memory man

u have something to gain by saying lies.
1       5

by passion2win

Gai(gay's) say (open speech) is disputed/challenged/not accepted in our society.
1       2

by Wiki

SAY a girl puts up or GAINS aa lot of weight.She will be DENIED to follow her usual heavy diet
1       1

by manoj0909

if a GAY says some thing then it is contradicted by others.
1       1

by pramodkalvala

when somebody (gain)s weight they [deny] (say)ing it obviously.
0       1

by kesurocks

gainsay = a say need gain is always weak commenti.e contradictory.
0       0

by shaktipada

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