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    fitful - Dictionary definition and meaning for word fitful

    (adj) occurring in spells and often abruptly
    Synonyms : spasmodic
    Example Sentence
    • fitful bursts of energy
    • spasmodic rifle fire
    (adj) intermittently stopping and starting
    Synonyms : interrupted , off-and-on
    Example Sentence
    • fitful (or interrupted) sleep
    • off-and-on static
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for fitful

I am fat and so trousers occasionally fit me fully. So its like sometimes yes and sometimes no.

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Think about someone getting fits.. he does that intermittent action. it comes all of a sudden

if ur thing is fully fit ur pee will be fitful(stopping and starting)

fit+ful = my trouser doesnt fit fuuly so it interrupt me while i am exercising ,,

PitBull Singer. He sings only in the beginning or in the end of a song..

my trousers are long fit fully till my stomach so it is irregular.

fit of rage!

fitful = When I will be fully fit then I will work full time, Now I am doing intermittently.

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