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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for fawning

relate it with FAN..imagine of a crazy FAN who ALWAYS TRY TO exhibit his affaction....AND COURT A favour to be with you whole day by flattering with you..

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fawn~~fauna~~animal ur pet tryin 2 please u 4 u givin it a meal

FAWNING --- > fa+wning .....We normally use scent "" fa"" to please a woman rite???...to smell good Thus the meaning

basically it is derived from fagen ..which means REJOICE..so REJOICING about your boss success by giving him a party..so that he could favour you DURING meetings.

(faw)ning: Consider the word in bracket only. Faw sounds like Wow... U look at a beautiful girle and say Wow... I will TRY TO PLEASE HER BY FOLLOWING HER AND TALKING TO HER(obsequiously)

fawning (yawning) -> so you are out on a date and you start yawning your gf gets angry and then you try to please your gf by flattering

fawn+ing..form..fawn..sounds like fain...means happy and pleased....THINK OF YOUR DOG WHICH IS FAINED WITH YOU..MEANS HAPPY AND PLEASED.

If someone is blowing a paper-FAN for you so that you don't feel hot, he/she is trying to FAWN you

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