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    exonerate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word exonerate

    (verb) pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
    Synonyms : acquit , assoil , clear , discharge , exculpate
    Example Sentence
    • The suspect was cleared of the murder charges
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exonerate

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ex(purani)...ones (one) rate(value) vapas mill jana...means to get back ur lost pride by gettin ridd of d charges...

EXONERATE ~ break it as EX (gone) HONOUR (pride) ~ to bring back your gone or fallen honour by getting the blame off you.

Ex - honourate get back your honour by getting yourself free from the charges.

Onerate -> Responsibility; Ex - Onerate -> Release from burden.

ex means previous + oner(honor) so getting back ur ex honor means free from blame

Exonerate:Exo+Nerate(Narrate=Narrator),Just Imagine Exo(Exo Dish Wash Bar) is Narrating(Nerate) this story....As I killed lot of gems,but court didnt punished me,they pardoned me(absolved from blame) because i killed bad germs.

reiterate honor which means acquitting of all charges and getting back your pride/honour

I want to exoner-ate because it's not your plate, and you are not to blame

exonerate...consider aerate..when you get aerated you feel relieved so you feel relieved when you are pronounced not guilty of criminal charges

exonerate - since the EX-culprit OWNed up his crime, they RATED him and removed his blame

exonerate-ex- naresh imagine that your old friend naresh is released from the death row because he was found innocent

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