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    exasperate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word exasperate

    (verb) exasperate or irritate
    Synonyms : aggravate , exacerbate
    (verb) make furious
    Synonyms : incense , infuriate
    (verb) make worse
    Synonyms : aggravate , exacerbate , worsen
    Example Sentence
    • This drug aggravates the pain
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exasperate

exasperate(excess + parade)=hence u r ill and if u r asked to parade excess u will annoy and become angry as it may worsen your health condition

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EXASPERATE ~ x + separate; if you are going to irritate your wife frequently, she may separate from you and will be called as your x-wife.

exasperate = expired aspirin + ate- I ate expired aspirin which worsened my health

EXASPERATE... ASPER (ASPIRIN) + ATE.... I ate an aspirin to get over my exasperation.

exasperate= extras appu ra... you will get irritated with the extras then you will cry out extras appu ra..

when you r exasperated, you shout mujhe separate chod do

in our indian kitchen we use EXAST FAN to move out hot air.and EXASperate means to make some body hot or annoyed.

exasperate = extra + seperate: seperate the extra carrier signal signal to get the orginal one

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