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    endorse - Dictionary definition and meaning for word endorse

    (verb) be behind; approve of
    Synonyms : back , indorse , plump for , plunk for , support
    Example Sentence
    • He plumped for the Labor Party
    • I backed Kennedy in 1960
    (verb) give support or one's approval to
    Synonyms : back , indorse , second
    Example Sentence
    • I'll second that motion
    • I can't back this plan
    • endorse a new project
    (verb) guarantee as meeting a certain standard
    Synonyms : certify , indorse
    Example Sentence
    • certified grade AAA meat
    (verb) sign as evidence of legal transfer
    Synonyms : indorse
    Example Sentence
    • endorse cheques
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for endorse

en+dor+se—DOR( a string) SE hum kite fly karte hai, dor is used to SUPPORT the kite

pepsi ,coca colam,etc are the several endorsemnts that use advertismnts during the cricket matches that india plays

jab en+dor(DOOR)+SE koi ae to use andar ane ka APPROVAL dete hain and madad (SUPPORT) karte hain.. hence the meaning

endorse(entering inside door=support)the endorsement of new law approve and support women rights.

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Bollywood stars endorse several brands ie. they support and promote the brand..

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