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    emulate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word emulate

    (verb) strive to equal or match, especially by imitating
    Example Sentence
    • He is emulating the skating skills of his older sister
    (verb) imitate the function of (another system), as by modifying the hardware or the software Definition
    (verb) compete with successfully; approach or reach equality with
    Example Sentence
    • This artist's drawings cannot emulate his water colors
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for emulate

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Grandma gave me an 'Amulet' so that one day I can 'Emulate' Zidane.

He is like an EMU( a bird) when he eat(..ATE)...EMU+L+ATE.. imitating the emu

we use emulator as to imitate our cell phone software in computer.

e(I) muulate(mutate means to change)...pepsi became coke's RIVAL so by IMITATING it

he was LATE to the college because he IMITATED the old man's walking style

emulate - simulate. simulate means imitate as it is. emulate means to do as it is or more better

Emul Is copying Emul and getting late for his office..

get 1st mark by seeing another paper

emulate = e + mul (wine) + ate like salman khan ate wine

Even though he is LATE, he is trying(competing for equal) & IMITATING as he came earlier

Word used in video below:
text: many Baptist scientists you could emulate.
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