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    emollient - Dictionary definition and meaning for word emollient

    (noun) toiletry consisting of any of various substances in the form of a thick liquid that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin
    Synonyms : cream , ointment
    (adj) having a softening or soothing effect especially to the skin
    Synonyms : demulcent , salving , softening
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for emollient

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divide it as e + moll(..mole which is a black spot)+ ient. If we find a black spot on our skin, we quickly start searching for a SOOTHING REMEDY to remove it.

break it like e + moll, now moll = mall, so in summer we go to a mall because of its centralized 'AC' for a soothing climate.

to mollify is to soothify so emollient is to soothe loosers

*Harry p fans can understand this better Emollient=e(a)+Molly+ient Molly weasly was very gentle and caring person.SO that trait can be associated wit her.Thus,in times of distress(voldemort's reign),meeting her would be emollient

e (I) + mol....its the name of the tablet that cures pain....a pain killer

emollient came from EMULSION. and every cream (soothing) is considered to be an EMULSION

shE knew that the MaLL would soothe her in the evENT of a breakup with her boyfriends

yes mall me na tea le.. very soothing

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